Thursday, October 15, 2020

Quoth the Raven - "NEVERMORE"

Who dun nit?

Yesterday day my youngest daughter sent a text.
Detailing her reaction to Amy Coney Barrett's
hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
"If she gets through we're f'd - women have no
idea of what this world will become." A harsh
reality which for several generations who grew
up with Roe vs. Wade is terrifying. The mother
of two boys she obviously pro-life. However as
a female empowered from birth to be invincible
she believes that's her choice. Hence the idea
that somebody else could limit her options is
abhorrent. Especially when it's being driven
by a rapid minority of far red religious zealots.
Ignorance ain't bliss
Said rude awakening reinforces how important
every vote is. Nationally and locally. Even now
some argue why vote? While others maximize
their competitive advantage in order to skew
things in their favor. Hence whomever wins - 
gains power. Along with the ability to either
transform or destroy our lives. Or at least screw
things up big time! Recently a friend back in
Minneapolis called to complain about her city
council. You know - the ones who announced
aggressive plans to defund their police force?
Only to subsequently realize such an idea was
not only foolish but DANGEROUS.
Blind sided?
You see all of those people you don't know who
are listed on the ballot actually matter. They are
the ones who once in office have the power to
do what they want - whether we like it or not. 
And can quickly take one's community, county,
state, or nation in the wrong direction. Which is 
why one should know who. what, where, and
why before filling out a ballot. The role elected
officials play in our democratic process is too
important to opt out. Or blithely endorse folks
we know nothing of. So do your homework.
Make sure your choice deserves your support.