Thursday, October 22, 2020


Negative influence

Today I was told I am totally negative. Which
in the case of a Coronavirus test is a good thing.
Now in theory I'm free to return to the world at
large. However that's not what all of the experts
advise. Per the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention - once one has been exposed they
should self-quarantine for fourteen days. The
span which while seemingly arbitrary is based
on scientific data requiring a longer wait. So
what's an exposed person to do? Risk infecting
one's friends and neighbors? Or listen to those
purported to know better and simply sit things
out for another week? If I don't go mad that is.
Equal opportunity
Many suggest better safe than sorry. Especially
given that coronavirus is a capricious foe. Post
exposure some feel fine while others end up in
the hospital . Consider the couple tested at the
same time I was. The wife tested Covid free.
Whereas her hubby was hit hard. Recently the
leadership team of a firm held an offsite confab.
The result being all eighteen attendees coming
down with Covid 19. So you never know who
may or may not suffer the consequences. All
the more reason to play it safe. And why Frank
and I will continue to keep to ourselves. Safe 
and sound - far from the maddening crowd.
Age discrimination
Obviously the odds are against us. As time
passes, the numbers continue to prove that
Coronavirus is anything but a hoax. Per the
CDC the Coronavirus Pandemic thus far has
left 299,000 more Americans dead than in
a typical year. Two thirds due to Covid with
the balance from related causes. The CDC
also affirms that Blacks and Latinos suffer
more. But quite surprisingly it's hit 25 to 44
year olds quite hard. Their "excess" death
rate up 26.5 percent over prior years. The
largest increase of any age group. Hence
why not do our best to avoid the inevitable?