Saturday, October 3, 2020

Doing what comes naturally

Out of control
Yesterday I wrote about the migraine headache
which stopped me dead in my tracks. Keeping
me from fully functioning. Having no choice
I surrendered. Accepted reality. As I waited
for redemption. Then just as capriciously as
it started my headache was gone. A humbling
experience given all of the above could have
just as easily been Covid 19. Which had that
been the case could have had a very different
outcome. All the more reason that all should
be taking care of ourselves and others. In the
simplest of ways. Like jeeping our distance,
wearing a mask, and washing our hands.
Pro choice?!
Earlier in the week we received a delivery at
the store. It's carrier arriving sans a mask.
Upon seeing mine he went into a diatribe on
how Covid 19 was a "hoax". Claiming that
nobody needs a mask. Rather than argue - I
kept my distance. Recently our County Clerk
outlined plans for voting at our one polling
spot. Stating that masks would be "optional"
in order to protect the freedom of others. So
how does one battle such purposeful denial
and self indulgence? By being very careful.
Doing until others as you would have them
do unto you. Even if they aren't willing to.
Equal opportunity
It's been said karma is a bitch. Thus no one
is exempt from the reality that what goes
around comes around. Many felt vindicated
upon hearing the news that Mr. Trump and
the First Lady tested positive for Covid 19.
Not because any felt ill will.  But rather in 
reaction to the "justice" of such a diagnosis.
Obviously Mr. Trump's denial and rejection
of preventive measures played a role in his
infection. However his  illness is a reminder
that nobody is exempt from this scourge.
Therefore our responsibility is to do what's
best for all Americans. Ourselves included.