Saturday, October 24, 2020


Hypocritical oaf
Seven years ago a gay couple was summarily
kicked out of our local Catholic parish. Both
respected community leaders - they'd loyally
served their church for years. However upon
the arrival of a new, arrogant, young priest - 
they were immediately excommunicated. The
reason? Simply because they had been legally
joined together in a civl union. Confirming
their love, commitment, and partnership post
decades of sharing their lives. Said novice's
punitive action splitting our parish. Causing
many lifetime Catholics to exit the church in
support of what they believed was right.
Better late than never?
This week the news was that Pope Francis
stated his support of gay civil unions. Not
surprising given his prior efforts to clarify
homosexuality within the Catholic church at
large. Back in 2014 - fresh from the stinging
rejection of our local parish we attended a
papal audience in Rome. Where even back
then the Pope affirmed his belief. That ALL
should be loved and respected for who they
are. A belief that he has tried to instill in a
religious hierarchy with a long tradition of
repression, denial, and hypocritical dogma.
A battle which he continues to wage today.
Enough already
Once the news hit - many friends gleefully
sent it on. Assuming that Pope Francis'
affirmation was a victory for gay rights.
But that's not how I feel. Seven years ago
our local priest's actions sent our family
into turmoil. Ending with a debacle at
Frank's mother's funeral which destroyed
our faith in organized religion. Hence my
reaction to the Pope's good intentions is
thanks but no thanks. At this point I have
no faith in the Catholic church. Nor in it's
ability to end it's crimes against faithful
gay parishioners. Too little. Too late.