Thursday, June 24, 2021


What the "F"
This week the US Supreme Court  ruled in
favor of profanity. Spewed via social media
by an irate teenage cheerleader. Said decision
reinforced the right of all Americans to speak
their piece. Even if it is a piece of "s". That's
just one of the freedoms that come with being
a citizen of this great nation. However as your
mother said long ago "just because someone
says you can jump off a bridge doesn't mean
you have to." Hence while we all have a right
to be profane - we don't have to be offensive.
Meaning that when it comes to free speech
we all should give a "s" about what we say.
Linguistics coarse
I'm the first to admit I have a potty mouth. A 
ommunication skill crafted after four decades
in advertising and retail. Where we often joked
that the "f" word could be used as an adjective, 
noun, or verb. However now I have to question
why many Americans communicate with such
a limited vocabulary. In the old days my great
Aunt Sadie would have deemed such discourse
"coarse". Preferring to treat others with respect
rather than barrage them with expletives. Yet
for reasons beyond her control most others now
opt to communicate in a manner unbecoming
to gentle folks. Which isn't always very pretty.
Verbal dump
Foul language is certainly not new. However
it's common use in public by almost everyone
is. A down and dirty verbal phenomena which
I find tiresome at best. After all - there are so
many ways to say the same thing differently.
Consider human waste. Nowadays most use
the "s" word. Even though there are a variety
of very colorful ways to describe our process
of elimination. Like feces, discharge, egesta,
droppings, dung, or excreta. Plus the requisite
poop, doo-doo, ca-ca, crap, stinkies, or a any
of the other options available. All of which
prove one can be foul mouthed and not curse.