Saturday, August 1, 2020


Cover up exposed
Like it or not, we all want to be liked. Therefore
it takes some courage to buck a trend. Yesterday
we attended an event honoring a dear friend. It
was important that we make an appearance. Yet
it was equally vital that we limit our  exposure.
Both for ourselves and those around us. So we
wore our masks. Only to walk into a gathering of
forty or so. All sans masks. It was at best a most
awkward moment. Obviously we being the odd
men out. Resisting the Pavlovian reaction to take
them off we held our ground. And slowly... a few
other masks popped up within the group. As if
personal projection was suddenly a chic choice.

Hidden agenda
Our need for social acceptance is a driving
force. My mother often said "just because
someone tells you to jump off a bridge you
don't have to". And as usual... she was right.
For many reasons quite incomprehensible -
many feel the need to rebel. To fight the
status quo and go against the flow. Even
when it means ignoring issues of health or
safety. Whereas I'd rather be in the minority
and... stay alive. As the numbers grow, it's
hard to ignore our Coronavirus crisis. Yet
many prefer to live or die in a state of denial.
That is until it "catches" them in the act.

Wearing a mask or not could be a life or death
decision. Not simply for yourself but for those
with whom you come into contact with. Even
when said cover up isn't the most attractive of
fashion accessories. Here in central Montana
we've been lulled into a warped isolation zone.
Somehow certain that Fergus County will dodge
the Covid 19 bullet. With only five cases so far
that seems to make sense. Until one hears that
it takes weeks for local test results to arrive. So
in essence, we could be at risk and never know
it. All the reason to take simple precautions to
protect everyone. Face reality and MASK UP!