Monday, August 3, 2020


Old reliable
For most of us there are few things we can
rely on. Limited constants that never let us
down. People, places, and services which
consistently deliver. Which is why ultimately
we take them for granted. Assuming that no
matter what, they'll be there. One of the most
important is the United States Postal Service.
Through my life the "post man" has always
delivered six days a week. Random missed
missives aside, our postal service consistently
ensures everyone gets their mail. And while
a bit archaic, said service continues to evolve
to serve our technologically changing needs.
Mail call
Sadly, even the most sacred of services can't
escape political influences. Nor the bullying
of our chief tyrant - Donald Trump. Theres
no doubt that like other government agencies
there is room for improvement within our
postal system. Given he has a history of not
delivering on his promises. Plus failing in the
majority of his business ventures. I'm quite
skeptical of his ability to stamp out any waste
of said "mess". Yet Don's efforts to go postal
against mail-in voting in order to defer the
November election is beyond alarming. Thus
our leaders must put a stop to his madness.
Back lash
Like all of Mr. Trump's rants and raves his mail
call supports a hidden agenda. Along with his
recent installation of a loyal follower to serve
as Postmaster general. It's obvious Trump will
do anything to delay delivery of election results.
The fact is there are no facts to support claims
of voter fraud. Therefore the only way to end
his delivery of rumor and innuendo is to protect
and defend the USPS. "Snail mail" may soon be
usurped by digital delivery. Thus an unbiased,
regulated government entity is needed to insure
we get ALL the message. Therefore it's time to
tell our elected officials to stamp out fraud!

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night
nor politics nor TRUMP shall stay these couriers
from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.