Friday, July 31, 2020


You can hide but you can't...
It's obvious that bad times make things all
the worse. Just when you think a downward
decline is about to end you're suddenly left
hanging on the edge. Given the news, it's
easy to freak out. We just got reports that
second quarter GDP slipped over thirty two
percent. Breaking all time records in a bad
way. Meanwhile Mr. Trump revealed his
not so hidden agenda in a tweet suggesting
that his re-election be delayed. Can it get
worse? Hell yes! Ask Texas Congressman
Louie Gohmert who just tested positive for
coronavirus. And blames it on his mask.
The end is near
Public displays of indecency aside, we all feel
it when a negative trend hits home. Like the
millions on unemployment who just lost their
additional Fed stipend. Most of us have spent
our Coronavirus stimulus checks. Companies
continue to lay off workers. All as Covid 19
infections and deaths are on the increase in
pockets across the country. In essence we are
all in a state of suspended animation. Each of
us wondering who, what, when, or where the
next crisis will occur. And suddenly whether
one's favorite team plays or not doesn't matter.
All that is important is that we live through this.
Democracy trumps anarchy
How do you survive these worst of times?
For an old guy like me I must remember
what's passed before. That when it got so
bad that I doubted I could survive - they
improved. Therefore I am going to try to
be cautiously optimistic. However I will
not lull myself into a state of complacency.
One misstep and it could be over. Hence
do yourself a favor and hold yourself and
all others responsible. Nobody wants to
be the bad guy. So while uncomfortable,
wear a mask! And if anybody goes off the
deep end - save us all and vote him out!