Wednesday, August 5, 2020


Long distance service
I've been teleconferencing for years. Dialing
in to accomplish a plethora of things. Along
with realizing that seeing is believing. Thus
altering my audio delivery in order to insure
that perception was reality. Also attending
video conferences. Plus "cyber "screenings"
with recruiters prior to being proffered up for
a new opportunity. Considering such options
necessary evils. Ways to bridge the gap in a
modern world.  Yet I never considered their
benefits until we all shifted to isolation mode
courtesy of Coronavirus. Now everyone is
connecting any time, any where, any way!
Party line
Many boomers live away from their families.
Which makes it hard to actively engage in the
lives of our offspring. Fortunately technology
provides options for engagement. Long before
the quarantini was invented, I was "talking"
face to face with my grand kids. With the last
few months making me appreciate such links
even more. Late spring my fourteen year old
grand daughter graduated from eighth grade.
Normally such a ceremony was held thirteen
hundred miles away. But this time Frank and
I "zoomed in" virtually. Enabling us to enjoy
the show and show her our love and support.
Show and tell
Attending said event long distance was quite
wonderful. However I've discovered that one
can do the same locally. This past Monday
I attended the Lewistown City Commisioner
meeting via "Zoom". While said connection
was challenged it was still a great experience.
Enabling me to see and hear what's going on.
Along with comment on issues that matter to
me. Said virtual reality also showed me just
how committed our community leaders are.
Focusing on the local issues, challenges, and
minutia most of us never consider. Making
things happen even in these worst of times.
Face time
Well... most of the time. My youngest daughter
has battled a mysterious flu for at least a week.
Post failing a Coronavirus test no doctor will
see her. Forcing her to schedule another video
doctor "visit" which obviously lacking any
physical contact simply wasn't enough. Next
she was sent to a "Covid" Clinic for a face-to-
face encounter (with proper protective gear in
between). Once examined "hands on" she was
retested and awaits results. Proof that while
"zooming" via the internet can temporarily
bridge the gap it may not be the best solution.
Meanwhile all we can do is stay connected...