Tuesday, August 4, 2020

From whence we came

What's past is past. If memory serves us, that's
a good thing. Life is an endless learning cycle.
All we see, do, or say adds up. Influencing the
way we see our world as we find our way. If
I've learned anything it's that we are who we
are no matter where we are. Obviously local
people, places, and things influence us. Yet
said subtle nuances rarely alter the course that
a lifetime has established. Hence while we are
all evolutionary in nature we're all creatures of
habit. The end result of having been there and
done that. Which makes us who we are. And
in the process - who we ultimately become.
Which is why we're so different. Birds of a
feather tend to flock en masse. Which is why
it's so much easier to hang with one's peeps
than fly solo. Yet some of us are of a more
migratory nature. We slowly come to realize
we're a different breed. An alternative to the
rule. Ready and willing to spread our wings.
For much of my adult life I ran with the pack.
Style driven fashionistas driven to be in the
right place at the right time with the 'right'
kind of people.  Over time I realize all of
what that was. Vapid ambition fueled by
frivolous indulgence. A waste of my time.
Grand finale
No wonder I'm where I am today. However even
in Montana I'm influenced by my past imperfect
Influencing aspects of life as I knew and know it.
However at some point I learned my lesson and
literally opted out. No longer participating in the
group sport known as peer pressure. Instead I
dance to my own drummer. One who fortunately
tends to only play my tried and true old favorites
rather than hip hop slop. Call me old fashioned
but it works for me. And while the chances are
I'll soon be completely out of it, so be it. Better
to simply be me than still chase fantasy. And in
essence... leave well enough alone.