Tuesday, August 11, 2020


Passive aggression
In case you didn't notice, I have purposefully
avoided politics for the last few days. In part
said hiatus was driven by my pure, unbridled
disgust. Plus an added dash of boredom. All
because our leaders in Washington can't seem
to accomplish anything. And so America sits
and waits. As the Coronavirus spreads wider
and deeper they fight amongst themselves.
Meanwhile the President attempts to broaden
his power, garner attention (and votes), tamper
with the mail, and spew false claims of voter
fraud. And when asked about the ever rising
Covid 19 death toll responds "it is what it is."

Point of no return?
Let's assume Mr. Trump is what he is. Hence
our status quo is a never ending swirl of lies,
subterfuge, and avoidance. Apparently all in
the hope that the coronavirus will "magically
disappear." Yet autumn looms on the horizon
bringing with an impending increase in Covid
19 cases. With every day that passes we get
closer to November third - Election Day. An
event that is already being set up for failure.
Meanwhile Russia, China, and Iran are doing
their best to skew the results.As Mr. Trump
is fostering fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Just
in case things don't happen to go in his favor.

Equal opportunity
If it truly "is what it is" then maybe our only
option is to sit and wait. To simply run away
and hide. To ignore the obvious. In the hope
that somebody else will fix things. However
that is fantasy - not reality at best. Besieged
by viral fears, deception, and mania this may
be our opportunity to get something done.
Apathy isn't going to get us anywhere. Action
can and will alter the course of our republic.
Rather than passively accept that "it is what
it is" we must engage in this most vital of
political processes. Which isn't blue or red,
left or right. But a battle of good versus evil.