Saturday, August 15, 2020

If at first you don't succeed...

Trouble in paradise
Here in our Central Montana agrarian nirvana
reality has finally hit. Post months of no cases
of Coronavirus, we now have seven to twelve
"active" (depending on who's saying). Two of
which are young folks who attended a belated
"Prom" over two weeks ago. Given that even
twelve only represents a bit over .001% of our
local population, we're not in big trouble. Yet
finally reality has pierced our isolated bubble.
And now that a state mandated mask rule has
kicked in, most locals are covering up. Which
has me wondering how many still think this is
a Democrat conspiracy. A trumped up farce...
It's always something
Fantasy often usurps reality whenever folks feel
like life is out of control. Rather than face facts
scared people attempt to avoid the inevitable via
subterfuge. Ignorance may be bliss but karma
is  guaranteed to be a not so subtle wake up call.
Hence the situation we're now in. A mess where
our President spouts conspiracy theories while
lauding a"Qanon" believer as a "winner". Hence
it seems that anybody with an axe to grind - true
or false or surreal can freely spread the word.
To gullible folks eager to be given an excuse to
reject reality. Denying that America is changing
for the better, With or without them.
False labor
Which only proves the validity of yet another
old adage. If you can't succeed, try, try again.
Which is obviously how Mr. Trump is opting
to face the Biden Harris challenge. Years ago
he promoted the theory that Barack Obama
wasn't a citizen. Now he's pointing his racist
finger at a mixed race girl born in Oakland
California. Imagine if he used that energy to
battle Coronavirus? Instead he's back to his
tried and untrue bag of tricks. All in an effort
to defer the inevitable. Which just may be his
defeat on November 3rd. Unless his voter mail
fraud theory doesn't gain further momentum...