Tuesday, August 18, 2020


Away from it all
All too often I've been asked "how can you live
in the middle of no where?" While rural central
Montana is isolated it's not disconnected from
the world at large. Fortunately via the internet
the world is yours - as long as you're willing to
pay shipping and handling. And while one can't
pop over to a shop for immediate gratification.
We truly lack for little. Yet our global battle with
Coronavirus has suddenly made isolation a rather
hot commodity. In that we're seeing an influx of
new folks from more crowded places. All eager
to put down roots in a safe place far away from
it all. Therefore to them the further - the better.
Few and far between
No wonder local real estate is suddenly HOT!
Prices are on the uptick. Recently a property
went on the market. Frankly I thought it was
priced too high. Yet it sold in one day for the
asking price. Historically one might wait eons
to sell their abode. But an influx of new plus
business growth is creating demand. Add all
who have decided to head for the hills and 
suddenly, less is more. As in there are fewer
houses for sale. And they're all priced quite
aggressively. Signs that at least for some the
grass seems to be much greener in Lewistown.
And that more folks are exiting the fast lane.
Near or far
For most of us - getting away from it all holds
much appeal. However rarely does escapism
actually lead to nirvana. Quickly the allure of
newness fades away. Leaving behind the reality
of life itself. Hence it's important to make sure
that wherever one lands will make sense in the
long haul. For me, the benefits of Lewistown, 
Montana far outweighed the pros of Bergdorf
Goodman sitting at the end of one's block. In
the end life is all about balance. Of finding that
sweet spot that makes it all worth living. Which
all too often requires little more than a change
of heart. Rather than yet another NEW locale.