Monday, May 11, 2020

Who was that masked man?

Open season
Way out west in central Montana life is actually
returning to normal. Well, sort of. Post a couple
of months of isolation due to a Covid 19 threat
our state is now reopening for business. Across
Montana stores, restaurants, bars, and casinos
are operating again. Next week theaters will
welcome patrons. Given that there have been
less than five new cases in the last week, this all
seems to make sense. A lack of infection being
literal proof that Montana is farther removed
from the rest than usual. And that living out in
the middle of nowhere truly has its benefits.
So we're lone rangers out on the open range...
Lone ranger
Hence many of my friends and neighbors are
wondering what this Covid 19 fuss is about.
Yesterday while running errands I ran into
a group of guys. All of whom held out their
hand in greeting. Surprised, I stepped back
as they looked at me with chagrin. "Don't tell
me you're going to pull that east coast crap?!"
boomed one of them. To which I responded
"I'd rather not kill you." A few chuckles later
I continued "Then again, given your reaction
maybe that isn't a bad idea." And soon I was
on my way. More than a bit unnerved by their
blatant rejection of proper social distancing.
The cowboy way?
Obviously we've dodged the viral bullet thus
far. With a total (to date) of 458 cases only
sixteen Montanans have died as a result of
Covid 19. Hence in theory we've nothing to
worry about. However as with any unnatural
threat - you never know what might happen.
So why wouldn't we continue to be careful?
In part because we're Montanans. Who like
many a cowpoke before us still have a wild
streak. By our nature we're freedom fighters.
Unwilling to allow anybody - especially city
slickers - to tell us what we to do. Cowboys
to the end. Even if we die in the process