Saturday, May 23, 2020


Open door policy
The President just announced that all places of
worship are essential and must be open "right
now." Stating that religious freedom and faith
are first amendment rights for all Americans.
He also stated that if state governors did not
open the faithful's floodgates there would be
retribution. All sans any data about the risks
involved. Nor does he have any legal right to
force said issue. After taking no questions -
Dr. Deborah Birx took the podium. Providing
an update on Covid 19 and reinforcing the
need for social distancing. And risks related
to asymptomatic individuals spreading germs.
Trials and tribulations
When queried about the potential health risks
associated with reopening churches, Dr. Birx
avoided the obvious. Stating she hoped that
nobody who felt sick would attend any church
service. An obvious disconnect given she had
just identified asymptomatic carriers as a key
source of infection. Next Kayleigh McEnany,
Trump's Press Secretary responded to reporters
queries about said disconnect with this - "Boy
it's interesting to be in a room that desperately
wants to see churches and houses of worship
closed." Is America's right to worship being
challenged? Or is this purely pious pandering?
What would Jesus do?
Religious resolutions aside Mr. Trump holds
no power over any governor's choice to err on
the side of caution. The primary responsibility
of any leader is to protect their constituents.
Even if some faithful zealots claim that "Jesus
will protect us" from Covid 19. Therefore my
hope is that the majority of religious leaders
do what's best for their flocks. And cautiously
gather only when the time is right. Rather than
tempt fate. Anything else would be a sin. Which
is exactly what Mr. Trump's blatant pandering to
the religious right is. And if he's wrong and any
die as a result... then heaven (and God) help him!