Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Anyplace but here
In scary times such as these we all want to run
away from reality. No wonder that Frank and I
often dream about escaping to some European
enclave. A nirvana where culture, civility, and
creativity reign. Thus why we regularly scour
youtube for videos about expats who hide and
seek. Living vicariously through others as they
share their highs and lows. The other evening
a couple explained their reasons for relocating
to Lisbon, Portugal. Along with the usual lower
cost of living, their decision was based on the
fact that the America they knew and loved no
longer exists. And sadly they just may be right.
Exit strategy
Sadly this country is no longer all that we think
it is. Per the 2019 Global Peace Index America
ranks the 128th country out of 163 countries or
territories. To put that in context, Jordan ranks
77th. Cuba, 91. Myanmar, 126, Palestine,142,
Afghanistan 163. No wonder said transplants
stated that their number one reason for moving
out of this country was safety. Specifically that
of their children. And given the amount of mass
shootings in this country, specifically in our
schools, Portugal seems a safe bet. Due to the
fact that it ranks as the third safest in the world.
So honestly, can you blame them for leaving?
Equal opportunity
Unfortunately many fellow Americans will
consider them wrong. Reinforcing their
second reason for exiting our democracy.
a lack of civility. Which has led to the end
of a beneficial social dialogue. Therefore
post years of watching our political system
split to a point of no return they opted to
relocate to a more democratic democracy
thousands of miles away. Hence it seems
our inability to be civil to one another - to
discuss our differences in an balanced civil
discourse - has some Americans giving up.
How does that make America great again?!