Monday, May 18, 2020


The pause that refreshes
God may be in the details, however not in rote
execution alone. Rather it's random moments
of self-realization that happen when one's mind
wanders. This morning as I made the bed my
thoughts not related to execution of "hospital"
corners. Instead I paused to consider just how
blessed I was to share my life with a certain
bedfellow. Basking in the glow of shared love
that simply gets better as time goes on. All of
which afforded me yet another opportunity to
start my day right. To set aside life's challenges
and embrace its simplest of blessings instead.
All of which happen when you least expect it.
Out of the ordinary
Often our most profound of revelations just
happen upon us. When we least expect life
bestows some unexpected gift upon us. All
of which are often quite humble. Yet combine
into riches beyond our greatest dreams. Hence
while it's nice to own nice things, it's beyond
better to be treated nicely. A pleasure which
at times seems almost forgotten in our modern
times. Once upon a time humility, kindness,
and good intentions were deemed admirable.
Whereas nowadays many argue that a mix of
aggression, rudeness, and self aggrandizement
is the key to success. But at what cost?
Close encounters
Instant gratification may be quite thrilling but
nothing matches simple pleasures. Which in
hindsight is exactly what the last two months
have afforded us. Isolated from the world at
large many of us have been forced to look
inward. The resulting myopia forcing us to
focus on our individual spheres of influence.
Only to discover just how richly blessed we
are. And how short and precious a gift life
itself is. Therefore as reopen our communities,
hearts and minds we can't forget the details.
Those subtle nuances make life worth living.
It's the little things that make the difference.