Friday, May 22, 2020


Step by step
The longer one treads this earth, the greater the
chances the one may lose their way. In the case
of my dear father, Alzheimer's sent him down
a dead end of confusion. Others end up relying
on a walker or wheel chair in order to get from
here to there. As life goes on it becomes all too
clear that mobility is key to survival. However
I've never had a problem strutting my stuff. At
least until recently... when an attack of Plantar
Fasciitis stopped me dead in my tracks. Said
painful malady insuring that I start each day on
the wrong foot. Hoping against hope that I can
walk this off rather than sit life out.

Hoof in mouth disease
Before any of my kind family and friends start
sending some age advice, home remedies, and
the like via Facebook - please don't. You know
that I won't listen. Besides I have limped down
this path before. Preferring to grin and bear it
rather than indulge in pills, physical therapy,
or surgery. Having been there, done that I'm
confident that this too shall pass. However said
painful process can at times stop me dead in my
tracks. Some suggest "no pain, no gain". Hence
it should be no surprise that my new challenges
are also a learning experience. Especially given
I understand that life starts from the bottom up.

Road less traveled
The last thing I want is to be some gimpy old
guy. The older I get the more I must embrace
whatever comes my way. Which causes me
to reflect on those who have gone before me.
In the end the only thing we can control is our
attitude. Hence even if we've lost the spring
in our step we must still rise to any occasion.
Focusing on all that we can do for the better.
Rather than going astray in search of things
of little consequence. In order to keep things
moving those older (and wiser ) must set an
example. Showing a way forward even if it
takes longer to get there. Let's step lively!