Wednesday, May 27, 2020


To see thee more clearly
Day by day spring is creeping in to central
Montana. Months behind our friends out east,
the daffodils just finished. Our tulips are close
to done. The fruit trees are in bloom. While
the larger trees and lilacs should pop within
a week or so. Hence we're enjoying all that
most of our friends and family experienced
a month or so ago. Yet said delayed reaction
makes it seem all the better. Given we live
most of the year indoors, we can't get enough
external exposure. Especially given that last
year it snowed in September. Therefore we
plan to enjoy all we've got. Here and now.
Love thee more dearly
Can one have too much of a good thing? Most
of us tend to take our blessings for granted.
Considering all that is beautiful, magical, and
plentiful surrounding us to be rote. Which may
explain why so many of my fellow Montanans
can't see their forests for their trees. I'm fairly
certain that those blessed to live in temperate
California don't realize what they've got. That
is until some mudslide, fire, or drought takes it
away. The same applies for all of us no matter
where we live. It isn't until some treasure goes
missing that truly we treasure it. No wonder
I love the changes each season brings.
Follow thee more nearly
Which is why there may be something good
within our current Coronavirus crisis. Now
that camaraderie is a precious commodity
versus necessary evil. Given all of us crave
what we can't have. Whatever is missing on
the grocer's shelf is exactly what we desire.
And while not totally shut off from reality,
said hiatus has somewhat surpassed political
swirl. Now what was once deemed "normal"
is incredibly important. Families are dining
together. Parents have plenty of time to play
with their kids. And couples actually talk to
each other. Could we be better off for this?