Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Seeing is believing
It's gotten almost impossible to separate fact
from fiction. Perception from reality. Manic
rants from rational thoughts. Meanwhile our
country is split between those who cannot
believe what is transpiring before our eyes.
And those who believe whatever they're told.
No matter the consequences. Ultimately this
too shall end. In the end history will clearly
show us who, what, when, and where it all
went wrong. Hence while things may seem
out of control (and probably are) hope is on
the way. Remember karma is a bitch. And
one who never forgets...
Herd immunity
All of which suggests that when confronted by
maniacs, fools, and crazy folks, it's best to step
back, wait, and see. Along with hoping for the
best. However once one is trapped in a pit with
vipers optimism is at best a precious commodity.
Yet can America survive this foolishness? Is
democracy itself threatened by a viral tsunami
of stupidity? Can freedom, dignity, or equality
survive a tsunami of incredulous cruelty? Who
amongst you can honestly defend the acts of a
man who obviously has completely lost it. As
on whim after whim he arrogantly endangers
all in order to maintain his competitive edge.
Survival mode
Poised on the brink we have one choice. Which
is to do whatever necessary to protect ourselves.
Depending on where one lives that may require
distancing yourself from others. You may have
to don a mask. Or do without many of the things
you normally enjoy in life. However Covid 19
is the least of our worries. Rather its political
leaders who endanger life as we know it. Thus
it's never been more important to vote for who
is our best chance for survival. Crazy is NOT
anything to rely on. Thus we must step aside
from the scene of the crime and focus on next.