Tuesday, May 5, 2020


Room for improvement
Who doesn't love a good makeover? A seismic
shift from then to now. An evolutionary journey
that tends to bring out the best of whatever or
whomever is involved. Hence many a sow's ear
has been transformed into a silk purse. Recently
a rather forlorn house was transformed near our
courthouse. For decades it's details entombed in
a early seventies "renovation". Fortunately it's
new owner saw the light. Peeling back all that
wasn't original. Restoring the good within and
fortunately lay hidden beneath the surface. And
suddenly what was old... was better that ever.
All that was required was the desire to change.

Change for change's sake
Recently I've been binge watching a youtube series
hosted by Julian Baumgartner, a second generation
art restorer in Chicago. Each episode chronicles a
restoration of a mess into something very different.
And while many art experts consider said "show"
fraudulent at best - I can't get enough of it. Which
shouldn't come as a surprise. All of us enjoy going
from bad to good. Whether it's a last minute win
on the basketball court. dramatic weight loss, or a
friend who arrives back from a "vacation"having
risen to the occasion. Pulled, plumped, buffed, and
occasionally stuffed. Proof that many can't seem
to get enough. Eagerly wanting to be our best.

Good, better, best?
All indication that almost anything can improve
with some extra effort. A phenomena that has
me wondering what the outcome of our current
coronavirus crisis might be. Given a chance to
step back should be good for us. However there
are already signs of a return to whence we came.
No wonder I'm worried. What will it take for us
to finally grasp the gravity of our health crisis?
Will the lure of instant gratification pull us over
the edge? Killing thousands of foolish folks in
the process? How many of us are willing and
able to be patient enough to safely transition
from here to there? And get to a better place?