Thursday, May 7, 2020


Here today, gone tomorrow?
Who amongst us hasn't wondered if life as we
knew it is but a memory? That everything we
considered normal is now a moving target. One
which is being subjected to a direct assault by
Covid 19 itself. Along with the backlash of a
populace in crisis. Many continue to live in fear
of what may or may not happen. Will cases and
deaths increase as we open for business? Will
customers return to their prior behavior? Or if
they even want to, be unable to do so due to a
lack of cash? How many of our favorite haunts
will never reopen? Is the world as we know it
nothing but a thing of the past?
Historical precedence
Sadly one of the weakest skillsets is short term
memory. Hence within days, weeks, or months
most if not all of us forget what just happened.
Part of said process of elimination is that many
will exit the premises. Taking with them any
lessons learned. Plus cogent memories of what
just transpired. Hence it's usually just historians
who realize that in truth, we've been there done
that and survived. After the lethal combination
of a World War and Spanish Flu Epidemic our
fore bearers went back to their prior lives with
gusto. Leaving the past where it belongs. Out
of mind and far behind what's here and now.
Sooner or later
Who knows if we'll end up all the better for it?
Our only guarantee is that things will change.
Yet life post Covid 19 will be evolutionary not
revolutionary. Chances are when given a chance
we'll commingle once more. Dining, drinking,
dancing, in celebration of having survived this
crisis. Having done without, we may find that
some things are unnecessary. Post deprivation
we could discover a better way. However given
history repeats itself, chances are we'll return
to our old ways with a vengeance.  Ready to
forgive and forget. And get on with LIFE! So
why worry? All we can do is wait and see.