Friday, June 18, 2021


It's about time
Tomorrow is Juneteenth. A celebration that until
recently most Americans were not aware of.
Specifically most who are not black. June 19,
1865 a Union General proclaimed slavery's end
in Galveston Texas. Two and half years after the
Emancipation Declaration was signed into law
during the Civl War. Hence the freeing of the
last of four million enslaved African Americans
was completed. Reason enough to celebrate.
Especially given that yesterday President Biden
officially signed a decree designating it a federal
holiday. Post bi-partisan passage through both
houses of Congress. Yet some aren't celebrating.
Party pooper
Montana's sole Congressman - Republican Matt
Rosendale was one of fourteen "conservatives"
who voted against said designation. Falsely
claiming "the left" wanted to replace the Fourth
of July. Along with further justifying his offense
by stating the legislation was intended to make
"Americans feel bad and convince then that our
country is evil". Proving once again how out
of sync Mr. Rosendale is with both history and
America at large. However that's not the worst.
He also voted against awarding Congressional
Gold Medals to Capital Police Officers killed
in the line of duty. What's wrong with Matt?!
Purple people eater

As a blue type living within a red state I'm used
to being misrepresented. However I find Matt
Rosendale's ardent pursuit of conspiracy theory
rhetoric offensive. No matter how one gets into
an elected office - their ultimate responsibility
is to represent ALL whom they serve. Yet his
public detours to the far right do anything but
that. Ultimately his job is to insure Montana's
voice is heard. And that we get our fair share.
It is NOT to legislate his version of morality.
Which this writer finds immoral at best. And in
the process portrays our great state as anything
but what is truly is. SHAME ON YOU MATT.