Wednesday, August 16, 2017


"It's easier to write
 about those you hate."
                                                DOROTHY PARKER
It's hard not to embrace bitterness.
Someone once said, "If you can't
say something nice - say nothing
at all." Little is as thrilling than
attacking one's enemies behind
their backs. Clandestine vitriolic
venom is the coward's mode of
attack. For generations the most
vile amongst us hid behind sheets
rather than show their true colors.
Then along came Donald Trump.
"Hatred is the coward's
 revenge for being intimidated."
                                                                    GEORGE BERNARD SHAW
Once backed into a corner a victim
naturally lashes out at their enemy.
Survival instinct pushes us all over
over the edge. Yet we must put any
altercation in perspective. Each of
us are end results of our individual
experience, background, and bias.
Thus in such times the real person
is revealed. My Dad cautioned me
to beware of such situations - "Fear
can make people do horrible things."
"In time we hate that
 which we often fear."
WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - Anthony & Cleopatra
Ignorance isn't bliss. In all actuality
stupidity and myopia fuel the most
lethal of incendiary weapons - anger.
While some may attribute poisonous
piety to a lack of knowledge, I argue
that most hatred is bred by an excess
of arrogance. If open minded, one's
growth springs from exploration and
exposure to the new and unknown.
All of which requires the bravery to
admit you've got something to learn.
"The opposite of love is
 not hate, it's indifference."
                                                                         ELIE WIESEL
Hatred is a subtly terminal cancer.
Once one becomes stricken by said
plague ALL boundaries of civilized
behavior mutate according to their
warped perspectives. Nothing is as
pathetic as standing idly by as your
friends and neighbors are abused.
We are ALL culpable for any sins
against humanity. Thus those who
voted for Donald Trump share the
responsibility for his BIGOTRY.
"Hate the sin, love the sinner."
                                                                       MAHATMA GANDHI
Evil often hides behind a mask of piety.
Whereas good humbly stands up for all.
Yet our President opts to support those
whose only agenda is derision, hatred,
and bigotry. It seems that men like him
believe hatred is not a sin but rather an
inalienable alt-right, Only the most self
righteous would possibly dare to use
God as justification for an evil agenda.
Claiming that the very foundation of
their faith is challenged by diversity,
equality, integration, freedom for ALL.

"Hate cannot drive out hate.
 Only love can do that."
                                              MARTIN LUTHER KING
We live in an unfair world. While
most were outraged by events in
Charlottesville - OUR President
defended White Supremacists and
Neo Nazis. His bizarrely skewed
perspective baffles. Is it fueled by
hatred or ignorance? Or simply
proof of a megalomaniac's desire
for power at any cost. Unlike men
like Martin Luther King and Ghandi
who changed our world peacefully.
"Always forgive your enemies.
 Nothing annoys them so much."
                                                                                          OSCAR WILDE
On Tuesday Donald Trump showed his
true colors. Not red or blue but rather
the cowardly white of a bigot dressed
in Brioni. Our collective challenge is
how we react to such a display of rabid
arrogance. We can't allow our residual
anger to blind us from the task at hand.
Each of us must blaze our own path to
redemption. The question is where will
we go from here? How will we usurp
the devil we know in our White House?