Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Out of the ordinary
Lately I've been trying to clear my head. For
many reasons I've been distracted for most
of 2017. Politics consume as the debacle in
Washington shifts from comedic to horrific
proportions. Thus I continue to struggle with
said ever shifting strategies on a daily basis.
Add atop that a foolhardy move back into
the workforce and it's miraculous that I've
maintained my sanity. As of last week many
of said circumstances beyond my control
were resolved. Therefore at least in theory
I should be able to clear my head and think
out of my box. But will I be able to do so?
Alternative facts
The problem is that really isn't as easy as one
might assume. Every headline is like a stake
into my heart. Today I'm committed to doing
whatever it takes to NOT sit in front of CNN
24/7 watching the decline and fall of Donald
Trump's western empire. Washington may be
aflame but Montana is literally burning. The
resulting smoke of which only increases the
haze that I find myself in. The question is what
do I do next. Or NOT do?! In theory anything
is possible and within my reach. In reality my
quandary is whether I'm up to the challenge of
starting afresh one more time. And so... I sit...
Getting the hang of it
Few if any of us thrive in uncertain times.
Perpetual purgatory is an untenable state.
Most prefer to have a plan and be amidst
it's execution. At times living in limbo can
be rather beneficial. Sans any true sense
of responsibility one can finally put their
priorities in the proper context. Simply
having a plan isn't enough. Thus dogmatic
adherence to a strategy only works if one's
situation never changes. Given we live in
a state of flux theres a difference between
yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We all
live in a perpetual evolutionary state.
Party line
Do you also have trouble letting go? Patiently
waiting for a divine smoke signal is a fruitless
endeavor. Nobody including you can tell you
what's in your future. Thus at any moment the
phone could ring with yet another opportunity
or confirmation of some failure. For most the
issue at hand isn't dealing with whatever crisis
we're confronted with. Rather it's being open
to whatever comes our way. Hence most of us
adapt easily. Our primary challenge is being
patient enough to accept that every question
doesn't have an answer. Nor does each and
every problem have a fast or easy solution.
Free and easy
For now I'm going to try to stop thinking. And
in that process savor the moments at hand. In
truth there is little I can do little except quietly
lick my wounds and then move on. If nothing
else I"m an eternal optimist. Therefore I know
that the best is yet to come. On the short term
my greatest challenge is being ready, willing,
and open to whatever the future brings. Hence
once again I must do my best to leverage any
newfound knowledge from my recent graduate
course in adult education. Who knows what the
future brings? It's time to make my dreams a
reality. That is once I figure out what they are.