Thursday, August 17, 2017


Basic instincts
It's human nature to desire to
be a part of a larger collective.
Belonging reinforces a sense
of validation and the thrill of
"hanging" with kindred spirits.
Somehow knowing that others
feel exactly the same way we
do helps makes things better.

What a cluster
Group dynamics can also encourage
isolated cultures of mediocrity. Such
limited perspectives nurture a banal
sense of validation. Cliques are often
established to celebrate camaraderie.
Yet isolation invariably reinforces
isolation. There is no greater threat
than "us" versus "them". The stronger
that schism grows... the harder it is
to think or survive outside said box.

Misery loves company
Underdogs are always motivated
to form a unified front. Nothing
is as comforting as connecting
with others who share the same
orientation. Better to be unhappy
together than miserable apart. So
if united, the weak gain strength.
Pro and con
There's good and bad to group
efforts. As we've seen down in
Charlottesville - a gang can turn
in a moment. Zealots have but
one goal. Which is to force you
to think their way. They leverage
fear to gain consensus. Right or
wrong we each must choose the
group that suits us. And balance
it's priorities for the good of all!
Exit strategy
Over the past two days several
business CEO's stepped to the
fore to protest Donald Trump's
actions and statements related
to events in Charlottesville. It's
rare for such types to move on
in a way that could negatively
impact profits. Yet each opted
to exit rather than continue to
support a questionable agenda.
Group effort
When will our elected leaders hold
our President accountable? They
belong to an exclusive club at the
largesse of we the people. It's time
they denounced their bigoted boss
by name. Rather than hedge their
bets they must defend the freedom
and equality of ALL. Otherwise
they may soon join another group -