Friday, August 11, 2017


Out of nowhere
There's one thing I can't abide and
that's mediocrity. Why bother to do
anything that isn't worth the effort?
Doing something badly is just as
strenuous as being spectacular. In
my opinion there's little as worse
as delivering but a passable result.
Not only is it lazy - but frankly it
is simply BEYOND BORING.
So bad... it's good
I adore rebellion. What's juicier
than pent up hostility manifested
via folks ready for a good fight?
When trapped in a bad marriage
or the wrong job, many opt to
simply lose it. Exploding from
a tsunami of pent up frustration.
Call it a plea for help, protest or
terrorist tactic, it gets attention!
Who's in control?
Then there are those who are
nasty by nature. Their disdain
for all others can be shocking.
Hate is a powerful weapon.
Nothing puts one in control
more than cruelly lashing out.
And our natural avoidance of
confrontation only empowers
these evil folks to misbehave.
Ulterior motives 
The opposite of hate is love. Some
simply enjoy bringing joy to others.
Whether a smile, joke, or heartfelt
hello - a happy demeanor changes
almost anyone's outlook. Why not
make the world a better place? A
bearer of good news almost always
has a positive impact. Laughter is
infectious - anger is destructive.
So why can't we grin and bear it?
Pro or con?
It doesn't hurt anybody to be
happy or kind. Caring enough
to care gives one a competitive
advantage. A smile always puts
you in control. Who isn't willing
to try a little harder when one
feels encouraged or supported?
Why not balance the negative
by being positive? Being happy
is the ultimate power statement.