Friday, August 18, 2017


Return engagement
The best part of living in New York is
that I get to see all of my friends often.
Given the fashion business is based in
Manhattan, almost everyone in the biz
comes to town several times each year.
As a result it seems that my dance card
is full. As is my belly given I'm prone
to enjoy more than my fill during such
reunions. While it's wonderful to see
friends from far away I'm getting FAT!

Small world
Misery loves company. Down in
the garment district one must be
strategic about where they meet.
It's easy to run into many former
friends or foes. Hence it's best
to quickly "kiss kiss" your way
across the room to a corner table
where you can quietly "dish."
Quiet please
I try to maintain a proper
life/work balance. Thus my
preference is to dine in my
comfort zone. "Hot" spots
can be slick, crowded, and
noisy. Shouting across one's
table is not for me. I prefer
old school joints for a night
on the town with friends!
The more the merrier
There's nothing like a cocktail to get the
conversation rolling. But after my third
things can get a bit cloudy. At times the
only thing I lack during these reunions
is self control. While I admire those who
sip agua and sup pesce... I believe there
can't be to much of a good thing. Thus
I order my Manhattan and a RARE filet
pronto! Who can resist any special that
involves fois gras or truffles? Nor can
not indulge their sweet tooth? Hence the
first thing my far flung friends notice is
that there is much MORE of me to love.
After dinner... DRINK
What I loathe most about these
reunions is going home alone!
Summers are hard for me here
in Manhattan. Frank and I both
miss each other terribly. Yet at
this point in our lives, it's best
that he spend his summers back
in Montana. He's more than busy
entertaining family, visitors, and
when able - weeding his garden.
So until late October we'll meet
when we can. And in his absence
I'll eat and drink ALL that I can!