Saturday, August 26, 2017


You can go back
There times when one just
wants to go home to Mom.
The older I get the more that
I appreciate the food of my
forefathers. Hardly a night
passes that I don't think of
those nights when we all sat
down to a feast of Swiss Steak
and Apple Brown Betty. Thus
at times we all must satiate
our inner child. Why not go
for it? When's the last time
you had a Fluffer Nutter?

Snick snacks
During the holidays, my Aunt Millie loved
"horses doovers". For weeks in advance
she and my mother planned these delights.
Both were tea totalers, therefore booze was
off the menu. Instead we nibbled on tasty
delicacies always accompanied by an iced
glass of Pepperidge Farm Firehouse Tomato
Cocktail. "Chicken in a Biskit" was another
favorite. Have you had said savory tidbits?
Crisp yet akin chewing on a bouillon cube!
If it ain't ham it's wham
As a kid there was no epicurean
delight better than Taylor's Pork
Roll - i.e. "Taylor Ham." A few
slices of said meaty melange
fried in butter and placed on a
bun simply makes me happy.
No wonder I keep a package in
the fridge ready and waiting!
Missed congeniality
In olden days there is no more
festive accompaniment to any
special occasion than a Jello
salad. Without these quivering
mounds of congealed color one
doubts we could have survived
our misspent youth dining on
our  Mother's overcooked meat
and veggies. Those gelatinous
gems saved us from starvation!
Mystery meals
Savory concoctions created
from canned soup, veggies,
and cubed protein were de
riguer in the fifties. What's
a mystery is how legions of
Americans survived these
ungodly combo casseroles
of overly processed food.

My dearly departed Mother was
not the best cook (I'm being kind).
One of her best was a concoction
of spaghetti, tomato  juice, sugar,
and spices. All were placed in a
pressure cooker. After ten minutes
a sweet, doughy meal was ready.
She proudly boasted that it tasted 
"just like Franco American!" No
I occasionally still dream of it!