Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What were you thinking?

Don't go there
There are times when one hears of
something someone had done or
said that is if nothing else shocking.
However, irrational acts are rarely
capricious. In fact they frequently
occur post a thought process. That
means people purposefully do and
say the most ridiculous things. One
can't even begin to understand what
was going through their heads. Yet
there is a lesson to be learned via
other's odd choices. You see, there
but for the grace of God go I...
Above all else
All of us "lose it" at some point during
our time here on earth. Forces beyond
one's control consume rational thought
and suddenly one acts like a complete
idiot. Some seem able to resist bizarre
forces of nature. Others have no idea
what hit them. As with most things in
our cyber life, once you've done or
said something foolish it's impossible
to erase it's residual impact. Hence as
most of us live our lives for all to see,
there is more than ample proof that a
little decorum never hurt anyone.
Players club
Holding one's cards close to the chest
isn't as easy as it seems. Whether I'm
a trusting soul or lazy - I can't seem to
keep secrets when it comes to myself.
Subterfuge or restraint has never been
a natural phenomena in relationship to
this boy. Long ago I figured out that
hiding something that was part of me
only hurt myself and others. And so,
I let it all hang out (at times literally.)
However I can't help but wonder if
that's really best for me or you. Is it
time for me to go back in the closet?
Drag race
At some point we all must take full
responsibility for our own actions.
That means that my rather myopic
approach to life may not be the best
for me or others. You see - at times
sharing everything may be too much
of a well intentioned thing. In fact
I have to wonder if constant candor
isn't more than a bit presumptuous.
We're all at different points in our
journeys. Thus I may be ahead or
behind you. So why must I try to
drag you along with me?
Limited visibility
To be honest, I'm more than spoiled.
After literally working myself almost
to death, success now fuels a comfort
level few have. Given there were many
bumps along my road to said nirvana,
I feel entitled to enjoy my well earned
gain. That was fine in Manhattan where
I was happy hovering near the bottom
of that gilded barrel. However here in
Lewistown my "lifestyle" may be a bit
out of context. Thus should I defer who
I am in order to satiate locals who live
conservatively by choice or necessity?
With the best of intentions
The last thing I want is to offend.
Hence I would never purposefully
do or say anything to hurt others.
It may be time to face the fact that
my perspective is if nothing else
warped versus my fellow denizens.
Should I embrace the reality that
I'm out of touch with reality? Or
is it better to continue to say or do
outlandish things with only the
best of intentions? Is it possible
to shift from a life time of living
over the top to the down under?
Opposites attract
Sadly, I can't change who I am. Self
control is not my forte. Hence all I
can do is do my best to make sure
you know that I'm really just a nice
guy. While I certainly don't want my
togs or digs to set us apart, I accept
that some judge my predilection for
the finer things repugnant. All that
I can do is suggest that you all look
beneath said veneer. After all, that
is what I have to do with each and
every one of you!  Given a chance,
can't we all just be friends?!