Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Show and sell
It was only a matter of time before
my addiction to china and tidbits
would catch up with me. Being an
uber consumer creates a situation
that must be likened to a Hoarders
episode. Like it or not I've got too
much of too many good things. So
it's time to do something about it -
whether I like it or not. After all it's
not doing anybody any good sitting
there. Thus it's time to share the love
via e-Bay. And what better way to
rid one ills that foist them on you?
Parting is such sweet sorrow
While I've bought more than my share
via e-Bay, I'd never sold before. "T" is
a seasoned pro at digital commerce. At
my request she gave me a quick E-bay
tutorial. Before I knew it, an item was
up and selling! It's a bit sad to see one's
loved ones up on the block. However
while I adore each and every item, it's
time to set them free. Consider said act
of expulsion as my attempt to make the
world a more beautiful place. This Miss
Havisham is now officially a shop girl.
And in a way I'm selling my guts out!
Out of the box thinking 
At some point in life one must pack it
in. The next step is selling your debris
and shipping it. After moving multiple
times, we've got plenty of bubble wrap
and  "peanuts" to pack it ALL. Per "T"
the deep secret is double boxing. Thus
I intend to double the pleasure of my
customers by making sure everything
arrives in perfect condition. In a way
this is the final step in truly letting go.
Plus more of an opportunity to have
cute UPS guys in shorts knocking at
my door. Talk about special delivery!
Want a piece of me?
The sin of it all is that the more one
acquires - the more likely that most
of one's ill gotten gain will never see
the light of day. By releasing some of
my treasures from their imprisonment
I hope to find redemption in helping
others redecorate. The following are
a few goodies to go accompanied by
their stories. While beloved, it's much
better that someone else now gets to
enjoy them. I'm spreading the love...
and will continue to do so until every
last bit of buried treasure is GONE!
Go with the flow
Most of my life Ethel
displayed this antique
"Flow Blue" pitcher.
Her grandmother kept
it full with milk. While
very pretty, it's even a
bit too girly for me. So
it's going out to pasture.
Don't utter a word but
you can milk this one
time opportunity to own
a piece of Ethel Blue.
Click here for eBay!
A bit of the bubbly
Years ago I bagged these
seven hand blown goblets
at Neiman Marcus. A rise
above the rest, they work
exceptionally well with
other glasses. At over nine
inches they are definitely
a tall drink of water! As
important, they hold more
their fair share of vino! I'll
drink to that! So be of good
cheer and let's drink up and
link up with this listing!
Bowled over
Sadly even with all of
my dishes, some never
seem to make it to the
table. These charming
J&G Meakin ironstone
cereal "coupes" are not
only pretty but practical.
While they'll add a touch
of green to your table, it
won't take but a bit of
your hard earned green
stuff to take them home.
Grab them here at eBay. 
Glass act
Many years ago I purchased these
Cristal D'Arques goblets for my
mother at a local department store.
Given I spent all of my cash earned
on a paper route, I obviously must
have thought they were fabulous.
Since Ethel's departure, they've sat
for several years on the shelf. So
while I love them and all of their
memories, it's time for somebody
else to actually use them. Ready,
set, buy them on eBay here!