Thursday, May 28, 2015

We're NOT going there...

This takes the cake
I am if nothing else an optimist. Whereas
some see their glass as half empty - mine
is always half full. Therefore it's within
my nature to share and share alike. I feel
it's my duty to do unto others as I would
want them to do unto me. I consider this
my investment in OUR future. By giving
now, hopefully some stranger will help
me if or when I need it. Hence every tip,
check, or favor I hand out is a deposit
into my charitable hedge fund. In theory
we all benefit. Yet why do some assume
they can have their cake by eating mine?

Circle jerk
Even optimists lose their patience.
In truth, some people don't really
want to be helped. They will take
whatever you're willing to give.
Yet most "donations" seem to only
defer the inevitable. It's been said
that when one door closes, another
opens. However you have to answer
when reality comes a knocking. Sadly
many seemingly smart people either
ignore the facts or prefer to embrace
fantasy. Are they scared, confused,
or simply completely delusional?

Obstacle course
Some of us learn the hard way. But
when it's finally over... it's over. Once
one has nothing left to lose, they have
everything to gain. I can honestly say
that because I've been there and done
that. After hitting rock bottom, I had
to regain my equilibrium. However
along with losing almost all of my
"baggage" I eliminated the majority
of pressure, stress, and terror required
to simply hold on. While I had help
along the way, I had to do it myself.
That's the only way most of us learn.

Self medication
Hosting one's personal pity party is not
a viable long term strategy. They say
"misery loves company" however most
drama queens prefer to perform solo.
Have they figured out that playing the
role of victim defers having to assume
responsibility? Post repeated attempts
to help - smart friends and family may
stop offering assistance. When every
one is against you, suddenly one has
the perfect excuse for doing nothing.
Said persecution complex may just
be a warped form of self preservation.

Good intentions aside
While some thrive on failure, many enjoy
trying to fix other people's problems. I've
learned that doing unto others only works
when you don't do it for them. In order to
get from here to there, one must learn to
self navigate. There are no free rides and
external assistance doesn't benefit anyone
especially the passenger. What's mine is
mine and what's yours should be yours.
One must earn their keep otherwise they
won't appreciate it. Hence in the end the
only person you have a responsibility to
help you is yourself. That's a win/win!

Free fall
I do believe that the "haves" have a
responsibility to give some of it back.
That said, I don't embrace the idea
that anybody should assume that
they will be rescued. My destiny
is just that - mine. Right or wrong,
I bear the responsibility for MY
mistakes. Safety nets are short term
solutions. Emergency aid for crisis.
Rarely does a jolt of help solve the
problem. If the patient is still in a
coma, someone must turn off the
switch and pray for a MIRACLE!

Wrong number?
Republican or Democrat, tea or coffee,
liberal or conservative, right or left -
we have to do something - anything.
Most seem unwilling to face reality
and prefer to blame everyone else for
the mess we're in. Deferring what is
inevitable only makes judgement day
all the more painful. Sooner or later
something has to give. And honestly
who wants to swim upstream against
a tsunami of failed good intentions?
Isn't it's time to answer the wake up
call? If you snooze... we all lose!