Saturday, May 16, 2015

There goes the neighborhood...

Myopic topic
My environment is very important
to me. Where and how one lives is
an expression of who they are. For
most of my adult life I've moved
often. Hence I've rested my head
in many lovely places. During
most of those years, I considered
Lewistown my true home. Yet
now that I live here, I sometimes
wonder if others see what I see.
Sadly from my perspective the
local view is often anything but
inspiring. Is everybody blind?!
Urbane renewal
Even when I've had a bad day, returning
home to a place that inspires makes it all
seem worth while. We've always lived
somewhere with a view. In Chicago our
condo sat directly on Lake Michigan.
While our Columbus penthouse duplex
overlooked rather mundane terrain, it's
vista was expansive. In Minneapolis we
faced the beach at Lake Calhoun. And
our last New York apartment looked
down Fifty Fifth Street to the spire of
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian. No wonder
my outlook has always been positive!
A room with a view
Here is Lewistown we're surrounded
by mountains. From our condo, the
view from every window was quite
inspiring. While one can gaze at those
same mountains from The Passion Pit's
second floor - our outlook has shifted
from external to internal. Now that our
restoration is complete, every day we
marvel at how beautiful our home is.
Yet if I look anywhere beyond our
immediate vicinity, the view can be
a bit depressing. You see, while we
take care of our home, others do not.
Garbage in, garbage out
It's hard to understand people who
obviously don't take pride in the
place where they live. Otherwise
why would their front porches be
piled high with debris? I'm certain
that "Hoarders" could easily film
more than a season right here in
Lewistown. Which bodes the sad
question - why would anyone live
in what can only be called a dump?
Are they victims of circumstance
or simply too lazy to to clean up
after themselves? What a mess...
No sweat
Most locals appear unwilling
to keep up appearances. As
we live in a brutal climate,
I accept that their focus is
inward. Yet filling one's yard
with trash seems slovenly at
best. If one's home is their
castle, why do most live in
ruins? Some claim this is due
to a lack of funds. However
raking, pruning, and mowing
require nothing more than an
investment in sweat equity.
Paint the town red
I'm not a snob. However we're all in
this together. While it's none of my
business what color you paint your
house - it's to our collective benefit
if you actually paint it. Living near
several homes that appear ready for
condemnation does nothing for my
property values. Rather than give up
why can't my fellow residents take
care of their property? Has anyone
ever heard of "pride of ownership"?
Or have they all simply moved on
and rented their manse to transients?
Neighborly advice
Your dandelions ultimately will
become my dandelions. If you
don't rake your leaves - I must
after they blow onto my property.
I see what you don't see. So if
you must use your porch as a
storage facility, mask the mess
with some blinds or curtains.
Finally, when not on vacation
please find a storage facility for
your home away from home.
Parking your trailer in front
of my house is not neighborly!
Vision quest
Not a day goes by that locals don't
stop Frank or I to thank us for all
that we've done for the community
while restoring The Passion Pit.
Our hope is that soon we can say
the same to others here in town.
One of the primary reasons we did
what we did was to stimulate the
local economy with a plethora of
rehabs within city limits. Given
there's no place like home, we all
need to take pride in the growth
and restoration of our community.