Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Gotta blow
I've said it before but must reinforce
Somehow, somewhere long ago I
must have been burned by a cake full
of candles. Isn't life is tough enough
without having to be reminded that
the end is near? I prefer to live in
a state of perpetual denial. I believe
it's not how old you are but instead
how young you feel. So please, NO
cards, Facebook posts, or presents.
If you want to celebrate anything,
be happy I'm still alive and kicking.
It's of no surprise
The above may be the reason that I'm
always the first to forget your birthday.
Marking one's entry date into this mess
simply holds no appeal. Hence I rarely
remember anyone's special day. With
the exception of Frank and our family,
you're probably off my celebratory
radar. Not because you don't matter -
but simply because in my opinion all
birthdays are of no matter of mine.
What matters is making sure that you
know you're loved and appreciated
each and every day of the year!
Present company excepted
This means I rarely send birthday
cards, gifts, or flowers. That's not
because I've forgotten but rather
due to the fact that I couldn't care
less. Any omission has absolutely
nothing to do with you. My issue
is celebrating one's birth. After all,
a sucker is born every day, so why
must we wait annually to give you
a public blow job (candles that is)?
In my opinion, every day is should
be a holiday that celebrates YOU!
Why limit joy to one day a year?
Party pooper
Everybody loves a party. But how
many truly do? Nothing is more
tedious than a gathering of friends
trying to have a good time. Forcing
festivities, especially on a day one
would rather forget seems foolish
at best. I prefer to have my cake
and eat it anytime. Tempus fugit so
why wait to get the goodies you've
always wanted? Give in and give
yourself a treat rather than wait for
someone else to give you something
out of obligation. Get it NOW!
Rise above it
Could our need to celebrate be driven
by a secret desire to have our existence
validated? Honestly, while you matter
very much to me, one day or the other
doesn't matter. With all of the best of
intentions I find it necessary to resist
being forced to show how much I care
on one specific date. The best gifts in
life are those we never expect. Random
acts of kindness that surprise, delight,
and deeply satisfy. Hence a casual note,
phone call, or endearing gesture means
so much more when you least expect it.
Slice of life
So before you even think of saying it,
let me first say thank you. Those with
whom I share this journey are among
my life's greatest gifts. Hence I need
nothing more of you than being there
if and when I need you. While today
marks another milestone towards my
mortality, it's also a reminder of how
blessed I truly am. Maybe that's why
I find all this foolishness rather silly.
You see, each day I wake up and thank
God for being alive. And if that isn't
a reason to celebrate... what is?!