Friday, May 22, 2015


Room Rx
Lately I've been having rather a bit of
fun playing decorator. My sister-in-law
"S" asked me to help redo her upstairs
guest room. What could be easier than
spending someone else's money?! This
morning "A" requested some assistance
finding pillows to perk up her sofa. I've
got to admit that I adore playing house
in someone else's house. It's flattering
to be asked to transform something old
into new. How does one do just that?
Just for you - here's my list of seven
simple updates for almost any room.
Turn it on
There is nothing more important than
shedding light on the situation. Little
makes one's outlook brighter than the
right lamps. New isn't necessary but
uniquely decorative and functional
are. Illumination aside, never under
estimate the importance of a fabulous
lampshade. We have several Murano
lamps in the house that I bought on
e-bay for next to nothing. However
they only look as good as they do due
to their glamorous custom shades. So
please, power up from top to bottom!
A bunch of fluff
While it may seem trite, the right
pillow in the right spot makes any
room. Decorative puffs should be
anything but utilitarian. Much like
the perfect jacket, they finish off
an ensemble. You don't have to
buy a new sofa however I insist
that you SPLURGE on fabulous
pillows. Not only do they enliven
any room, they also provide extra
support for those who need it.
Don't be afraid to go bold. Life
is short so go ahead, have fun!
How firm a foundation
Many seem to forget that what's
underfoot equally important as
what's on your walls. A bold area
rug can instantly transform any
room. I can't emphasize enough
the important role that color plays
in making a house a home. While
beige walls and neutrals may be
good for resale, they're duller than
dull. With a firm foundation, any
room can make a statement. And
when it's time to sell the joint,
you simply roll your own away!
Strut your stuff
Within one's home, one has no choice
but to keep it personal. The flotsam
and jetsam of one's life is a reflection
of who you really are. Theres little
worse than when a home looks like
the owner bought out Homegoods.
No matter what, do us all a favor and
resist anything you can describe as
"cute." Most important - surround
yourself with things you love. If it's
something you treasure, keep it. And
if it's something sans any attachment,
pitch it. That includes your husband...
Get picky
The best decorative touch is most
certainly fresh flowers. Even if
one lacks a green thumb, picking
up some posies at the grocer will
bring your room to life. Honestly,
they don't have to cost very much.
A simple orchid makes a elegant
statement and lasts forever. And
while fleeting, a mass of backyard
lilacs fills the room with joy. So,
if you do nothing else GET REAL.
And please, immediately remove
anything "silk" - i.e. polyester!
Royal flush
Be it a pie in the oven or aromatic
candle - a welcoming whiff always
sets the mood. My room fresheners
are Cire Trudon candles. The choice
of French aristocrats for over two
hundred years, it's no wonder they
think their shit doesn't stink! I feel
the need to add a note of caution -
Much like cocktails, one must be
careful what one mixes up. Hence
a plethora of scents can really stink.
So keep it simple or else your home
will start to smell like a bordello!
Well hung
My advices is be true to yourself.
Art is a reflection of the individual.
Hence if it doesn't move you - move
on. Every item in your home should
mean something to you. Whether a
memory or something you simply
connected with - art matters. So all
I ask is that you stay away from the
decorative wall accessories aisle at
Target. Instead visit a local gallery,
resale shop, or garage sale. What
better way to fall in love? After all,