Saturday, May 2, 2015


Fresh start
As spring fashions start to fully bloom,
one can't help but feel rather nostalgic.
That's because by and large we've been
there, done that. While most of us can't
resist the thrill of a new frock, it's rather
hard to justify purchasing another that
looks exactly like the one that's already
in your closet. Something has gone quite
terribly wrong with fashion. And while
some of my jaded perspective may be
in part due to my longevity in the style
game - I'm frankly more than beyond
bored with it all. So, what about you?
Fine and dandy
Nothing is exciting any more. Little
blows my mind. Remember when
the runway took you to new places
rather than down memory lane? In
the old days one went from extreme
to extreme. Post World War Two
rationing, Dior's New Look revived
femininity. Soon silhouettes slimmed
to the point that Judy Garland became
a shadow of her former self. Hemlines
went from mini to maxi. And along
the way, men wore togs that now
seem ludicrous at best. What fun!
Time travelers
Today anything goes. Hence almost
everyone dresses like a thrift shop
fashion victim. Said remembrances
of times past differ according to
one's station in life. However most
are perfectly happy in jeans and a
tee. Not only has our sense of style
become complacent, in most cases
it's slovenly. "Casual" now equates
to complacency. And sadly, few
seem to care about how they look!
So, why am I not surprised? Have
we all just given up to banality?
Black tie optional
There is no doubt that I adore clothes.
However if I'm honest, I've no reason
to ever buy any more ever again. As
a man, I'm safe as long as I stick with
the classics. And given lapels and ties
no longer expand and contract with
frequency, the contents of my closet
have me more than covered. Living
in rural Montana, the act of wearing
a blazer equates to white tie and tails.
Hence if anything rises or falls it will
probably be my standards. Thus one
must ask "How low can we go?!"
On the rare occasion that I try to
purchase togs, one thing has most
definitely changed. Somehow our
world has truly gotten smaller. At
least when it comes to sizing up
the situation. Even classics have
become slimmer and trimmer. Yet
this fashionista has NOT. I won't
accept that it's all my fault. Some
of those old M & L's in my closet
still fit. Whereas I'm lucky if I can
find a new XXL that does. It's no
wonder fat folks wear sweat pants!
Get moving!
As a flower child of the sixties and
seventies, I want to be WOWED.
Whenever a new Vogue arrives,
I flip with anticipation for naught.
Every Fashion Week seems more
like a repeat performance. We did
look great in those glory days. Yet
how long can sitcom reruns inspire
the runway? My hope is that some
newbie will design something new.
In the meantime I'll sit in my sweats
and pick up some fashion tips as
I watch the Partridge Family...