Wednesday, May 20, 2015

COFFEE, "T", and ME

The right stuff
When it comes to matters of one's
heart, opposites attract. Hence while
I'm up with the sun, whereas Frank
burns the midnight oil. Therefore
my mornings tend to be solo affairs.
All of which helps facilitate getting
things done without any distractions.
That said, it can get lonely up in our
library. Which is why I enjoy having
some company. You see, my bestie
"T" is visiting Montana for a few
days. Which means I get to start
every morning the right way.
Sunrise serenade
Honestly, the fact that opposites attract
applies equally to friends. I've no doubt
that "T" and Frank often agree. Whereas
I feel the need to offer up a dissenting
vote. After slightly less than forty years
of friendship our symbiotic dynamic is
based on common interests and history.
One thing we've always agreed on was
"early to rise." Next, an immediate dose
of french pressed caffeine. Thus during
this brief reunion we have started each
day with a long chat over coffee. And
as it often has been it's a wake up call!
Basic instinct
This isn't the first time. Back at Pratt
we could never have started a day
without a jolt of java. Later on as we
worked together at a series of first
jobs - "cawfee" was always a key
element. Back in those days we both
liked it "light" which in Manhattan
means with cream. Later I moved
over to the dark side sans dairy. Yet
both of us still like our coffee like
our men - STRONG! Who would
have thought we'd be sipping it in
Montana rather than Manhattan?!
Easy does it
Looking back coffee and "T" have been
of upmost importance to me. I doubt
that I could have accomplished much
without a cup of caffeine nearby. And
as equally so sans the support or sanity
of my nearest and dearest friend. Even
I can have too much of a good thing.
Hence my physician's diagnosis of
caffeine poisoning in my late twenties.
Slowly I weaned myself off thirty cups
a day to one pot each morning. But to
be honest, I couldn't survive without
my cup of Joe and daily dose of "T."
Creature comforts
I'm a classic Taurus - i.e. a creature
of habit. Therefore it makes sense
that I share my rituals with a fellow
Taurus - i.e. "T." Born one day apart
we're proof that not only the stars
but people align within certain time
frames. The fact is we're also oddly
connected in ways that few can truly
understand. Most of it is based on
innate likes and dislikes although
the balance is our collective history
together. When two evolve together,
that amalgam binds two into one.
Life lessons
Take coffee for example. While my Mother
downed what can only be described black
percolated caffeine syrup - the closest she
ever got to a freshly ground bean was the
eight o'clock grinder at A&P. "T" gave me
my first Braun coffee mill what seems two
lifetimes ago. Since then a morning hasn't
started until I hear the scratchy screech of
said Braun pulverizing my beans. She also
taught me to keep my beans in the freezer
to keep them fresh. The fact is that my
morning coffee would be very different
sans "T". Talk about a wake up call!
Perfect combination
Once in awhile we must be reminded
that we are who we are due to a mix
of internal and external influences.
While I don't know what benefits my
best friend has gained from all these
years, I hope she's benefitted from
being my proximity. If nothing else
life is about learning and usually the
best teacher is someone we love and
trust. While Frank is my one and only
"T" is my alter ego - counter balance -
kindred spirit - and most important -
BARISTA. Coffee or "T" anyone?