Wednesday, May 6, 2015


The young and restless
The older I become the more that I'm
certain youth is most certainly wasted
on the young. One can recite a litany
of ancient adages that reinforce exactly
that. While we wish we'd known then
what we know now, the reality is few
if any of us would've listened anyway.
And even if we had, one doubts we
would have done anything differently.
That's because there's a carefree spirit
to youth that is as fleeting as the hair
on one's head. Before one realizes it
you're old. But after all... that's life!
Easy does it
Is it really all that easy to be young?
Initially most struggle financially
and must do with less. Then before
we know it we're downsizing. Both
young and old easily handle life's
problems. Whether due to bravery,
naivety, or stupidity the young just
do it. Whereas those old enough to
know better opt to take the easiest
way out. After all we've already
been there - done that. I'm starting
to wonder if being older and wiser
isn't easier than I ever realized...
Adult education
I'll admit that we're jaded. Before
oldsters acquiesce to do anything -
they weigh out their options. "Yes"
means we know the outcome will
be beneficial. "No" indicates an
unwillingness to waste one's time
on fruitless pursuits. While being
somewhat of a Yoda is rather fun
at times - saying "I told you so"
to oneself is never pleasant. Even
with age there are still lessons to
be learned. Or rather, periodic
refresher courses on life's basics.
Back at you
As time marches on, one tends to feel
a bit downtrodden. Mostly because
our bodies do not do or feel the way
they once did. Aches and pains aside,
looking in the mirror at the sagging
results of a life well spent is not the
most pleasant of activities. What irks
me is that what once seemed natural,
carefree, and easy now requires more
than a bit of effort. Even if you work
out daily, things never look like they
did when you were sixteen. Hmm...
maybe that's actually a good thing?!
Hello... pot
I just read about a supposedly new
phenomena called the "Dad bod."
Apparently as newbies get out in the
real world, their ability to maintain
a svelte physique fades. Juggling a
career, family, and pizzas becomes
the norm. And then suddenly you
discover a large protuberance at
your waistline. While some suggest
"let go, let God" - others attempt to
battle both age and gravity. Sadly
there is no magic pill. And if here
was one... I would be addicted.
Future tense
Like it or not one can't travel back in
time. And while reruns of the Golden
Girls may be entertaining, what's in
the past should stay there. Especially
given most of us have moved on to
a much better place. For the first time
in our lives we truly know and accept
who we truly are. Oddly I've decided
that I rather like that old soul looking
at me each morning in the bathroom
mirror. What's done is done and yet
there's still so much more to be done.
The question is... what?!