Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Frequent diners
It seems that no matter where we live,
dining quickly becomes monotonous.
Prior to shifting full time to Central
Montana our endless search was for
some place new to eat. Hence always
the terrifying question, "Where shall
we dine tonight?" In ages past we've
bitched about limited options in all
sorts of places - Chicago, Columbus,
Minneapolis, Dallas, and yes, even
Manhattan. Our dichotomy of needs
means I'm happy with the same old
whereas Frank's a culinary adventurer.
Tried and true
There's something wonderful about
a familiar spot but frankly, it can be
tiresome. In Lewistown we frequent
two local establishments on a much
too frequent basis. Even a sedentary
soul can become as glazed over as a
piece of salmon by a lack of variety.
Plus half the time half of what is on
the menu is off. Hence it's easy to
understand why we can now barely
abide a bite of sauteed zucchini. Yet
whenever there's truly a special it's
akin to someone is serving CRACK!
Perfect combination
What's odd is that there is one item on the
menu that I never tire of - BOOZE. More
specifically, Bourbon Manhattans. I simply
adore sipping my favorite mix wherever we
dine. Fortunately, at the places we frequent
those who stand behind the bar are fully
aware of my mixological preferences. Thus
heaven on ice quickly arrives at our table in
an old fashioned glass post arrival. One may
ask if I will ever tire of such an intoxicating
concoction? Not to worry... the chances of
that ever occurring are highly doubtful. If
you've found paradise, why travel elsewhere?
In short order
You see... by the time I've had enough,
I've had more than enough. And hence
the next morning I'm raring to go again
given I've forgotten most of what was
said, done, or consumed the evening
prior. Don't be concerned. Such nights
are rare as we rarely dine out on the
town more than weekly. Given we've
been there - done that - and we're both
good cooks - it's more exciting to dine
at home. While not chefs, our menu
rotates on a fairly regular basis! Now
if only one could say that about...
Same time tomorrow
The one phenomena we can't replicate
at home is the club like atmosphere of
our favorite joints. Each time we dine
it seems we run into everyone in town.
The forced camaraderie of very limited
venues conjures up that old saying -
"Familiarity breeds contempt." Maybe
that's why Manhattans are so fabulous.
Their medicinal benefits make what's
old look new and suddenly been there
done that is transformed to let's do this
again! The rude awakening is when one
has to order the same entree once more!
Boys gone wild!
Part of me gets why establishments
stick to what they're best at. However
I must admit that when my choices
are limited, said lack of variety causes
me to hunker down rather than go out.
My wish is that some of our favorites
would try something new. Rather than
micro manage their fridge - JUST GO
WILD! Throw local venison or elk on
the fire. Osso some bucco. Give me
any reason not to cook and justify us
dining out more. Go ahead, wow me!
And along the way, have some fun!