Tuesday, September 16, 2014

You're off my list

Do or dare
Recently there has been a more than
odd phenomena that has overtaken
Facebook. Suddenly people who at
least appear to like other people are
nominating them to the modern day
equivalent of chain letters. Over the
past few days I've been challenged
to list my ten favorite books, douse
myself in ice water (made a donation
instead), and finally, spend seven days
listing what I am grateful for. While
said tasks have been easy and in some
if not all cases gratifying... why me?!
Drop out
I'm not complaining just trying to make
a point. Like it or not, I have good news.
While you might not have noticed, I've
opted to NOT nominate nor require any
of you to complete any sort of public list
or other task. I adore those who forced
me to comply, but simply cannot fathom
doing the same to others. Call me a free
spirit, liberal, or roué but I prefer to allow
you to say whatever you want to say if
and when you want to say it. So rather
than requiring your public recording of
your true confessions, you're off my list.
Torn between two lovers
Part of me adores the immediacy and
intimacy of Facebook. Think of it...
a small circle of friends and family
who share their daily highs and lows
with each other. That said, in the end
there seem to be few secrets left in
our new cyber existence. At times it's
almost like listening in on someone
else's chat on a party line. However
the difference is most welcome our
collective eavesdropping. Well, not
all of us. My partner's perspective is
enough said. LESS IS MORE.
It's all relative
In the end there is one thing certain -
digital dialogues benefit those who
live far apart. Last week 'M" (my
youngest) painted her hall ceiling.
If she had not immediately posted
a picture I would never have known.
One might ask if it's important that
I was aware of her redecorating. Not
really. Yet that tiny tidbit connects us.
Given we're not neighbors, it would
be harder to know the woman she is
becoming without the immediacy of
said theoretically "intrusive" media.
Inner circle
How different is this from the long
telephone conversations my Mother
used to have with her cronies most
mornings. The distance between the
city and the burbs was minimal but
they could no longer dish over the
fire escape. So they gossiped daily
via Ma Bell. Innovative technology
(i.e. the telephone) enabled them to
maintain a life long connection. So
why is it that many have "hang ups"
about the impact of digital media on
our lives? Am I missing the link?
Wake up call
Humans by their very nature need to
connect. In our life we all build our
individual communities that nurture,
motivate, and occasionally discipline
us. Said "list" is what keeps us honest
and real. So rather than being forced
to complete a homework assignment
I'm perfectly happy blabbering away
to my list (including you) on a daily
basis. What's important is that each
of you have the freedom to read or
delete. No pressure. No deadlines.
And most important, no ice water!