Monday, September 15, 2014

Words aren't enough

Unanswered questions
At times even I am speechless. We
move through life fairly smoothly.
Get up, make coffee, log on, dress,
and start our day. There's something
glorious about a routine. A calmness,
peace, and comforting sameness. Yet
suddenly the phone may ring and life
changes instantly. Recently someone
we loved received a bad diagnosis
and before we could even process
the news, she was gone. In less than
a week she was gone. What can one
say? It only bodes the question why?

Brave of heart
In life it's fairly tough to maintain
a dignified demeanor. However in
death, "M" truly taught us what
dignity is all about. And even more
important - what bravery means.
You see, she had been terribly ill
for many months with no answers.
Patiently waiting for resolution.
Then an answer finally arrived in
the form of a blunt and hard edged
death sentence. Rather than fight,
she calmly embraced finality and
guided us through her final days.

Road less traveled
The most amazing part of the process
was that her loss was our gain. As we
gathered at the hospital to say our
goodbyes there was an effervescent
energy to our love. I'm certain that the
power of our collective compassion
helped "M" make her final journey all
the easier. In the end she left behind
a group of people who were stronger,
wiser, and closer than ever before.
What could ever be a better tribute
to the beloved lady we now mourn?
A lifetime and legacy filled with love.

Ever present
I used to think that death was the
end. However since losing many
I now believe that it's just another
phase in our existence. Whether
you think I'm crazy or not, my
parents remained with me over
several years post their departure.
Even now Ethel will whisper in
my ear. You see, love never dies
it simply moves on to different
place. I've found the comfort of
knowing deep down that they're
always there makes loss bearable.

Full circle
As one ages, many come to the
conclusion that life and death are
part of a continuum. Whatever one
believes, it's hard to believe that
anybody is ever truly gone. Rather
they move on to newer and better
places. While some may consider
me delusional, I refuse to accept
that anything as beautiful as a soul
ends up in a box. Whether heaven,
limbo, or within a newly born babe,
all of our love, wisdom, and energy
is not lost... it's found once again.

New beginning
Death is inevitable. Embracing one's
mortality is part of our life process.
Sharing another's transition to next
helps me embrace my reality. Post
every tearful loss, I'm a much wiser
and calmer man. So I must thank
"M" for everything she gave us in
life and death. It's now up to each
of us to move on. Believing that
the cycle never ends, I can't help
but wonder where she'll go next
and what she'll do. Until we meet
again I'll carry her in my heart.