Monday, September 8, 2014


Too much of a good thing
Now that we've left what I once considered
civilization, I've come to appreciate all of
the bits and pieces that come with it. When
one suddenly doesn't have instant access to
everything and anything one desires, you
suddenly are very thankful for whatever
you happen to be able to get. Living far
from it all has it's benefits and as most of
you know, I've happily transitions to this
new life. Yet there still comes a time when
I suddenly find I've run out of my favorite
rum. When that happens...  It's not simply
a wake up call, it's an bonified crisis!
Much ado about nothing
Frankly I can get almost anything we
want shipped directly to Lewistown.
All that is required is forethought and
a bit of organization. In the past when
I needed a new Cire Trudon candle,
I walked just four blocks over to the
seventh floor of Bergdorf Goodman.
City life is all about instantaneous
gratification whereas country life is
all about stocking up. While I'll never
can and store a season of vegetables,
I'm learning that if we love it, then
I better make sure that we have it.
Better safe than sorry 
In some ways I'm becoming rather like
one of those end of times people who
are fully prepared for a nuclear holocaust.
However rather than having five hundred
cans of baked beans in my basement, I'm
making sure I've got more than enough
French wine. Soon a big freeze will hit
Central Montana and some will not ship
wine under those climatic circumstances.
Hence I must order and ship now. Plus,
the Sherry Lehmann website had a case
sale with free shipping. Soon truck loads
of vino will arrive at our door. Mais oui!
Limited distribution
You might wonder why I still purchase
most of my vino in Manhattan. While
I try to not be a snob there are certain
areas of life where once must never let
down their standards. When it comes to
things grape, I've never, ever been your
supermarket kind of guy. Now limited
to Lewistown, our options to purchase
potables are provincial at best. I've had
our local liquor store procure most of
what I pour but when it comes to wine -
let's just say we haven't been successful
beyond a case of basic Cote de Rhone.
Local vs long distance
Please know that we are committed
to purchasing locally as much as we
possibly can. However there comes
a time when that's not viable. Hence
I must frequently scan the net for the
few things I crave and cannot grab at
Albertsons. Honestly, we have more
ample access to life's necessities. It's
those indulgences that one might not
easily purchase even when on Staten
Island. The difference is that we now
appreciate them even more. Absence
truly makes the heart grow fonder.
Road less traveled
When one can have whatever one
wants, much is taken for granted.
Thus the need to constantly search
for something new. Living off the
grid means that we no longer have
easy access to caprice. Therefore
once we love something, we're
faithful forever. What's more than
wonderful is that we can still savor
life's pleasures as long as we order
them prior. And I'll admit that now
everything tastes and smells even
better in the middle of no where.