Thursday, September 25, 2014

How GAY is that?!

Enough already
After reading post after post about the
gay debacle here in Lewistown, I'm
certain many of you are OVER talking
about homosexuality. The fact is dear
readers - so am I. Remember that the
now "renegade" local gay community
didn't start this. In fact, we were just
minding our own business. Who knew
that our very presence was offensive to
some rather pious Catholics? All of a
sudden our lives exploded and even
today, we are personally experiencing
occasional aftershocks. WHY US?
If at first you don't succeed
The fact is I shouldn't care. All I've
done is live my life as best I could.
This gentleman certainly didn't have
a choice about who he was. After
listening to others for the first half
of my life - my world just fell apart.
Only then was I forced to accept the
real me. Years later, I'm now happy
with my life. Hence I don't have the
time or energy to worry about what
others think about me. Nor to listen
to what they say is right when in my
heart of hearts I know they're wrong.
Nature's course
Deep down within all of us lurks
the truth. And while said fact may
not always be pleasant, it is what
it is. Nature deals us a hand and
many battle that reality. Those
who have curly hair straighten
while others do whatever possible
to make theirs curl. Fat folks diet
while skinny types try to bulk up.
Michael Jackson did everything
he could to appear white... yet he
was black. So why would anybody
expect that I could ever fight DNA?
The difference is
Like it or not, I and those who are like
me are genetic anomalies, freaks of
nature, oddities. Yes I'm queer and in
fact there's nothing I can do about it.
Honestly, why is my disorientation any
business of yours or anybody else's?
I would never tell you how to live your
life and yet why is it OK for others to
judge how I live mine?  I cannot grasp
the idea of any human being thinking
it's right to limit another's rights. So
just because I like boys doesn't give
you the right to punish me. Back off!
Daily duty
There are some who are quite adept
at publicly battling injustice however
frankly, I'm not one of those types.
Part of me believes that the people
who really change the world do it
one person at a time. Rosa Parks just
decided enough was enough and took
on the white guy who demanded her
seat. In the same way my living in a
small town and simply being who I
am is my form of rebellion. The more
ordinary my gay life seems to others
the more equal we all become.
Under dogs
The hardest part of recent events has
been the reality that few understand
what oppression really is. It isn't until
one is prohibited from equal treatment
that prejudice becomes a reality. Be
it two consenting adults, or a member
of a difference race, or what some
consider the "weaker" sex, why would
anyone deem others fighting against
injustice bothersome? Given most
take for granted certain rights that
are theirs alone, what gives them the
right to accuse us of causing trouble?
Loud speaker
I'm not asking you to sign a petition or
picket a parish. If you believe there is
no difference between gay or straight -
tell others how you feel if and when it's
appropriate. For those who hate homos,
just say it. This dialogue that Americans
are having about Gay rights is not some
theoretical debate. It's outcome either
positively or negatively impacts other's
lives. This can't end until all are equal.
After all, isn't that what America is all
about? As for any who are catechistically
challenged, ask yourself this question -