Thursday, September 11, 2014

Go ahead... SAY IT.

Here today, gone tomorrow
One can't help but reflect on the fact
that it's thirteen years today since our
world was entirely changed by 9/11.
What has always moved me most was
not the evil destruction and death but
actually the last minute interactions
between those impacted. Whether it
was a whispered call from an airplane
or a harried text from one of the towers,
suddenly nothing mattered but reaching
out to someone you loved. Imagine the
sorrow of those who never got to say
"I love you." My prayers are with them.
If only I had said
Last week the internet was flooded
with a video showing Joan Rivers
discussing life and death with her
daughter Melissa. While slightly
maudlin, it reminded me of the
importance of talking about the
hard stuff with those you love. So
often we avoid the things that are
truly most important. Life is too
capricious. Why not share what is
on your heart now rather than risk
missing that chance to connect on
a truly deeper, richer level?
Tete a tete
In our self-help world, I often think
there's too much touchy feely mush.
Some spill our guts for the world to
hear and this writer is often guilty
of that. At times I envy those who
are more reserved, able to hold their
cards close to the chest. Part of me
believes that people like that benefit
from others knowing as little as is
possible. And yet... what could be
lonelier than not sharing one's highs
and lows with a network of friends
and loved ones? Why fly solo?
There is one thing I can't abide and
that's "drama." Everyone must know
someone who seems to thrive on the
stuff. Their daily life consists of an
endless series of crisis - all of which
involve them being the underdog.
Having once fallen into this pit, it's
definitely some sort of a syndrome.
At times life can "suck." And for
several years of my life, no matter
how I tried, I could not live what
most consider a normal life. Which
bodes the question - what is normal?
Let it all out
One might argue that letting it all
hang out enables one to hang it
up - to end the cycle. What I've
found is that once you start to talk
about your problems with others,
you realize you're not alone. That
suddenly instead of being crazy,
you're normally abnormal. And
I've come to the conclusion that
those who never talk are actually
more screwed up than the rest of
us. However being open should
never involve projectile spewing.
Speak up
We all have to find the right way
to deal with life. And some things
even this blogger can't talk about.
That's when those nearest and or
dearest to you matter. I'm blessed
to share my life with a partner who
has stayed with me through it all.
Add a close circle of friends who
are always there. All that I had to
do was be willing to talk about
the hard stuff. So if something is
bothering you... say something