Wednesday, July 31, 2013



The road less traveled
Sunday we slipped out of town and went up to our family cabin. The narrow road was washed out earlier this spring. So Frank's brother "B" sent a crew to make magic and now the repaired road is amazing! Wider, graded, and most important accessible!
Nature's power.
It's amazing what thousands of gallons of rushing water can do! The entire area in front of the cabin was washed away. There's some sort of natural phenomena going on. Call it global warming or whatever. Suddenly nature seems to be taking back control.
In the swim
Out of good can come bad. While the crew was up there, "B" had them dig out a major new swimming hole in the creek above the cabin. At it's deepest it's about five feet. What could be more refreshing than a dip in the a crystal clear creek? Dipping into sixty degree water will certainly leave you refreshed! What's most refreshing is the untouched purity of everything up there. However I have to wonder if our sylvan pond will survive next spring's melt.
Friends along the way
On the ride up a large wood chuck bid us hello. He stood and listened as Frank whistled. We also saw two large water snakes. After eighteen years, they were the first I ever saw up there. Proof that this summer is much wetter than years prior.
It's a family affair
When we arrived, Frank's brother "B",
his wife "S", and two of their children
"J", and "J" were enjoying their last
moments of a weekend at the cabin.
"B" has put his heart and soul into the
place, transforming it into a wonderful
home away from home. Somehow when
we're all up there, something magical
occurs. The silence and beauty simply
transport you to a better place. You can
feel the love in every nook and cranny
Change is inevitable
Since meeting Frank, the cabin has been a cherished part of my life in Montana. Over the last several years, the terrain around the cabin has changed. Part of me can't see the new beauty. However... I'm certain that as time passes I'll come to love it.