Thursday, July 25, 2013

Giddy up!


Oh give me a home...
After weeks of a heat wave and high
humidity, I 'm ready to go HOME.
While I adore city life, every little task
seems to require every ounce of my
energy. Between the traffic, crowds,
and congestion, I need some time out
where the buffalo roam! Somehow
there's something amazing about being
in a place far away from the hub bub.
But more important, being with those
you love and care about. Especially my
better half who I miss every day we're
Herding fat cats
Manhattan used to be a vast waste land during the summer. Anybody who could stayed out of town! Now our streets are crowded with a sea of sweaty people in shorts getting their pictures taken in front of Trump Tower. I need to take a vacation far away from the vacationers!
Those tumbling tumbleweeds...
Why can't some of that cash come west to Lewistown? Not many have to visit our burg, just the really cool (rich) ones who appreciate the beauty and isolation of central Montana. We need some of their money to spread around our wide open spaces. Think of what an injection of bucks would do to our local economy? Rather than wasting your time in muggy Manhattan, mosey on down cowboy and set a spell with the locals! YEE HAW!
Just visiting?
It's been a month since I was last
home. I can't wait to see what's
new! In a rural community that's
challenged, many struggle in a
tough economy. While we've
poured a ton of dough into the
Money Pit, it's not enough.
Someday I hope to be there full
time and focus on helping
Lewistown flourish. Until then,
I guess I'm just another tourist.