Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cook Book


For the record
Part of my restoration process
is to understand what I eat and
drink. So, for the past four days
I recorded EVERYTHING I ate
in a Food Diary. In theory we
all know what's bad for us and
often enjoy it. That said I did
try to control my consumption.
We'll see what my trainer says...

My average daily dose equalled three grande Starbucks. The caffeine within those cups is what counts. 400 milligrams
of caffeine is the FDA's daily maximum. My average was 1,200 mg. WAKE UP!

I committed to one glass of wine daily and consumed four (plus one Manhattan) over four days. Not bad given my usual is at least double that. My Lenten vow must be annual. OMG!

Bread baskets must be removed or I "dabble". I know that my two pasta dinners will be considered a liability. But that linguine with asaparagus and shaved black truffles in a cream sauce was worth the whipping!
I should drink at least EIGHT water bottles daily (130 ozs).
To date I've averaged close to my goal. However my coffee/tea (diuretic) intake requires I drink even more water meaning even more time in the Men's Room.
Power Aid
Lectures aside, it's really all about common sense. Along with portion control, there are many ways to win the battle of the bulge. One missing food group was fruit so this fruit plans to get fruity! My top priority is simply to eat smart. In order to achieve that I must commit to less caffeine, wine, and WHINE.