Monday, July 29, 2013

Organization 101


Put it there.
Many ask me how we can renovate
a 7,000 square foot house via long
distance. The answer is simple -
make a decision then document it!
I've spent my entire career doing just
that. The only way to avoid confusion
is communication via LISTS! Anytime
I think of anything, it's added to
my many lists. All the facts in one
place so we're all on the same page!
Sock it to me!
I constantly maintain a room-by-room Punch List of "to do's". This massive missive details every aspect of electrical, heating, trim, hardware, etc. With and ever changing plethora of decisions, having all the facts in one place just makes sense!
Climbing the walls.
Early on we selected our wall, ceiling, and trim paint colors.
I documented them in another room-by-room recap. Plus notes on wall finish, patching, etc. Don't worry, only the Powder Room will be papered!
A total turn on.
A house this big needs lots of illumination. I trolled e-bay for months for unique lighting.
My Murano phase ended after Frank said "basta". We'll also repurpose fixtures we own and love. Now all that's left is a chandelier for the Master Bath.
The hoarder it gets.
Our Dallas apartment contents (plus a few newbies) are stored in the MP Living Room. As we near completion, the pile must dispersed. Hence another room-by-room list that tells you where to put what!  Why purge?!
Dream along with me.
Renovating and furnishing our dream home long distance has been challenging. Hopefully before Christmas we'll be moved in. While that seems a million years away, it's really only a few lists within reach. Without this project, whatever will we do? LANDSCAPING!