Monday, July 8, 2013

Believe it or not, I'm still here! is up and working!

Suddenly Homeless
If you couldn't find me there was a reason. Suddenly I no longer had my "domain". That meant my readers could not access this blog via
All of a sudden it stopped connecting and I was lost!
On the edge
Most of you assume that I have an inbred sense of entitlement. If correct, what would frustrate me more than not getting what I want? Having something that enables me to talk to many friends and then losing it! I'm a creature of habit who also multi-tasks. Therefore I want NO surprises. So when suddenly something prohibits my readers from easily accessing my blog, I was totally on the edge!

Please hold
Sadly in today's fractured world, it's
hard to talk to anybody "real" about
your problems. As I tried to sort out
my domain issues, it was impossible
to identify who and how to resolve
my problem. If one was suspicious,
one might reach the conclusion that
this confusion was purposeful. That
in reality... they didn't want to talk
or help resolve my challenges at all.
Please, give me eminent domain!
Return to sender
While it only cost ten dollars, what's mine is mine! I dug out the e-mails related to my purchase. All came from a warm and fuzzy "do not respond" address. They did supply "customer service" web and e-mail addresses. However, upon linking to them, both required registration number and password. A year later, I had neither. Nor did my e-mail trail have any listed. Was this a plot to destroy me?
Case closed
What's a homeless blogger to do besides wait? Beg a techno geek to help! My former colleague "D" sifted through the layers of subterfuge and found the answer. However he did it, he cracked the code! Suddenly montanaroue was up and running again! I can't thank "D" enough for his help over a holiday weekend! As always you saved me!! Please, spread the word... we're back!