Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to beat the heat!


Don't get mugged!
If you visit our metropolis, one must be prepared to survive summer in our city! A veteran, even I forgot after four years in Dallas. It's so sticky, damp, and heavy that you could cut the 90% humidity with a knife!
Stay dry!
It rains almost daily. Not an slight sprinkle but a sudden downpour usually accompanied by lightening. An umbrella will become your accessory du jour and favorite security blanket. Even at Sunday's Gay Pride Parade nobody could not escape a dousing. Fortunately that crowd was prepared as most wore little more than pasties anyway!
Freshen up!
A proper summer city wardrobe requires multiple changes. It's impossible to keep dry given we walk everywhere. That means one arrives looking like a damp kitten. No matter how few layers, the end effect is hot and bothered! So, if possible, travel via air conditioned vehicle!
Cool off!
Like the denizens of Minneapolis in January, one must learn to navigate this city via hotel lobbies, office foyers, department stores, and other air conditioned public spaces. Oasis in the midst of 90% humidity, all provide a brief respite from the sights, sounds, and scents of our muggy metropolis. Meanwhile the subway is a steam bath, but the trains are virtual mobile Frigidaires! A far cry from my youth when the coolest spot was in between cars!
Take off!
During the summer I consider the best part of my day the end of the day. After the long walk home from the office, what could be better than a cooled apartment? I suggest you quickly hop into the shower and then grab a cocktail au natural. You'd be surprised how thirty minutes in the raw will refresh. Less is more! Once finished, suit up and go off to dinner cool headed and ready for fun! And do yourself a favor, grab an air conditioned cab!